Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Budget Boost

The recent announcement of a planned spend of over 1 billion euro for higher education has been welcomed by many within the university (and IT) sector in Ireland (1). For us here in Galway the most immediate outcome is the approval of the new Engineering building, planned for the North Campus. This will at last provide decent accommodation for this key faculty and bring together staff and students currently scattered across the town in a purpose built, state of the art building.

As regards the other funding, details are eagerly awaited of the 300 million euro set aside for competitive bids to support restructuring and innovation. Certainly, as the recent OECD report stated, Irish higher education needs significant investment to allow it to compete at the highest international levels.


(1) http://www.iua.ie/news_events/iua_budget2006_press_release.html

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