Saturday, January 28, 2006

RSS what does it mean?

As advertised in an earlier post, Gilly Salmon (Leicester University) presented her seminar in our video series on Wednesday this week to an enthusiastic local, and distance, audience. An edited version with embedded PowerPoint slides will be available early next week from our websites ( or ). A number of people at the event however, are relatively new to some of the technologies that Gilly discussed and wanted a little bit more information. In particular, not too many people knew about RSS.

If you want a little more information then visit for a reasonable explanation and links to lots of useful content. Wikipedia of course will also provide some explanation at . There are related/competing technologies such as Atom, but there's no need to go into the details.

I suggest also that instead of getting bogged down in some complicated feed aggregators you might like to try out Google Reader at And then you'll be able to subscribe pretty easily to lots of useful information sources.

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