Sunday, February 12, 2006

Busy week

It has indeed been another busy week. On Friday, I heard some interesting presentations at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin at a one-day meeting (1) on research on migration and the "new Ireland." Presenters offered a range of perspectives covering academic research, the views of particular communities and the work of a number of NGOs in the field. One talk, in particular, by way of example, was that of Carmen Frese (UCD) on "Trust and Belonging in the Romanian Community," sharing her research findings based on interviews and tying in, to some extent, with her own personal experience.

Meanwhile, after a few technical delays, Gilly Salmon's presentation on "Elearning Scenarios" is now properly edited and online with slides embedded properly (2). You'll need a Flash plugin to see this, but most folk have this already. If you're viewing this on the NUI Galway campus network, you'll have to use a different URL, by clicking here.


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