Wednesday, March 15, 2006

all the news that's fit to ....

(1) In the category of interesting websites, why not have a look at newseum, which displays the front page of 508 newspapers in 48 countries around the world? In practice that translates to mainly American press (and only one in Africa!), but it does have a good coverage in Europe and many elsewhere (particularly Brazil!) to be fair. An interesting cultural resource, obviously of interest potentially to language, media and journalism folks, but even for random surfers it is interesting to see what's making the front cover today. Click on and then choose the "map view" option as the easiest way to navigate. You can see small "thumbnail" type images or download large, detailed versions.

(2) On the social/civic engagement side of things. UnLtd in the UK are doing a lot to support "social entrepreneurs" in the form of funding to get good ideas off the ground. They host an ideas bank at Thanks to Lucy Hooberman for linking to that from her blog.

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