Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Assembly - Political Justice & Civil Society

The Civicus ( World Assembly is curently taking place in Glasgow. This is a major event for the international NGO, Human Rights and voluntary sectors. The discussion sessions have been recorded and are available in streaming video form at

NUI Galway's CKI (Community Knowledge Initiative) will soon be a member of this organisation since it matches well with our overall goals and is in keeping with our desire to support the growth of a strong local and regional civil society with international links.

One of the news items released at the World Assemly points out that Scotland has the strongest civil society in the world according to a major international NGO survey. Over 65% of people in Scotland are actively engaged in non-political action in volunteering or campaigning on local (and wider) issues related to social justice, etc. Northern Ireland and Wales are also well placed in the survey.

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