Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Active Citizenship - role for third level education?

The Taskforce on Active Citizenship, recently established by the Taoiseach (in Ireland) is now up and running and has launched a public consultation on the topics of participative democracy, volunteering and citizenship.

The terms of reference for the Taskforce are as follows:

  • review the evidence regarding trends in citizen participation across the main areas of civic, community, cultural, occupational and recreational life in Ireland;
  • examine those trends in the context of international experience and analysis;
  • review the experience of organisations involved in the political, caring, community, professional and occupational, cultural, sporting and religious dimensions of Irish life regarding influences, both positive and negative, on levels of citizen participation and engagement; and
  • recommend measures which could be taken as part of public policy to facilitate and encourage (i) a greater degree of engagement by citizens in all aspects of Irish life and (ii) the growth and development of voluntary organisations as part of a strong civic culture.
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If you'd like to make your view known to the Taskforce then fill out their online questionnaire.

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