Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Berlin again

In Berlin, once more. This time for a couple of meetings and to attend, later in the week, the Online Educa 2006 conference. This is a fairly major event in the European e-learning arena, with over 2000 delegates and lots of industry/trade stands and presentations. Should be an interesting event, with the book of abstracts alone weighing so much that my conference bag is threatening to rip. I'm exploiting Cisco's free wifi in the hotel foyer at the moment and, bandwidth permitting, I hope to upload some podcast reports later in the week (or, if not, early next week). With any luck I'll pin down a couple of speakers/participants for interviews and post these online.

For a change, I'm actually staying in the conference hotel. Usually I spend half the time at these events traipsing across the host city from the accommodation zone that fits within an academic's budget to the central event. Fortunately, here there is a conference discount and I have some other support that makes it possible to stay here. Of course, even at its standard rate the hotel is still considerably cheaper than staying in Dublin!

Some of the presenters here will also be participants in next year's (5th) Annual International Conference on Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, being held in Galway on June 7th and 8th (2007) and which has as its theme: "Learning Technologies: From Pilot to Mainstream." Mark it in your diary and watch here for announcements nearer the time.

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