Monday, November 06, 2006

this week's news summary

(1) Today's Glasgow Herald reports on a new initiative in Glasgow University which will provide a separate "college" for international students for their first year, helping them to adjust to the university system, taking intensive English classes and foundation courses. Upon successful completion they can then join a number of degree programmes at the second year level. The venture is being run in conjunction with Kaplan education (a private company) who will manage the complete operation, transferring successful students onto the university courses. The college will be based in the university's main campus and up to 900 students will be admitted, as the project develops.

(2) Meanwhile, in yesterday's Observer, the issue of governance of Oxford has raised the hackles over there, with new proposals to invite business leaders, politicians and others to play a key role in strategic management. Needless to say such proposals have led to some differences of opinion.

(3) For a bit of entertainment for the parents amongst you, the Guardian is running excerpts from the new book by Simon Hoggart and Emily Monk that collates summaries of hair-raising adventures of students in "gap year" travel (ie between school and university) around the world. The title "Don't tell mum" says it all really!

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