Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Other events this summer

We've had a number of emails from various colleagues who are avid readers of this blog asking us to perhaps spread the word about events which they are organising this summer. So here are a few coming up after our Symposium.

(1)The 2nd PBL Summer School (Problem-based Learning, Generic Skills & Work) at University College Dublin on June 23rd - 27th, 2008. Organised by the FACiLiTATE network.

(2) The Inaugural Conference of the EULearn Network. To quote the project's website "This network for pedagogical innovation in higher education aims to bring together practitioners, mostly from smaller universities from across Europe, to share good practice, share materials and share research initiatives. While there are already national networks for pedagogic innovation in a few countries, and subject specific international networks in some academic disciplines, we believe there is a need for a focus on more general pedagogical issues faced by smaller universities in particular. One reason is that smaller institutions are normally not sufficiently large to address the wide range of issues as lone institutions." More information from

(3) UCD's Centre for Teaching and Learning are running a Colloquium entitled "Exploring the Dialogue of Communities of Practice," on Tuesday June 10th. Handy for those over in Galway the previous week and weekend!

In the meantime, progress continues with our own event on June 5th and 6th and details of the workshop sessions will be added to this site shortly, but given the spread of topics there's something for everyone!

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