Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Care Less Cultures" - Kathleen Lynch's keynote

Prof. Kathleen Lynch of UCD's School of Social Justice spoke about a number of issues in her keynote presentation. Firstly she put recent developments in Irish Higher Education into a wider socio-political context focussing on 'New managerialism' and neo-liberal politics, before then critiquing the oft-quoted international university league tables, revealing how subjective and flawed the rankings are and pointing out that by continually refering to them, universities are giving them implicit credence. The second part of her presentation is based on a study she has undertaken of career progression in HE (as well as other public services) and how it is impacting on family and care-giving, and vice-versa.

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Anonymous said...

Eacellent presentation which puts the curent direction of (HL) education into context. Though I would have thought that in the context of equality as it ought to be in the 21st century, that these issues apply equally to men - e.g. it is even more difficult for a man to give up say, six months of his career to care for a new born as the main carer since not only will his career suffer (in the same way that a woman's career suffers), but he would be also looked as some sort of freak by peers/colleagues/the institution and he would also not be entitled to any pay during virtually all this time. Thus there is absolutely no freedom or socially acceptable choice for men. These issues are therefore transgender or family issues and not merely women's issues.