Saturday, November 08, 2008

Next June's Symposium - pencil in your diary

Well, it looks like we'll be aiming for June 11th and 12th for our Annual Symposium next year, though that might still be subject to change it's worth pencilling in the dates in your diary for the moment. The theme will be on issues relating to curricular design for higher education, including Learning Outcomes, ECTS, Bologna, Assessment and all that! However, if that listing makes you sigh with resigned despair - wait for a minute and take a deep breath! We're going to aim to take a refreshing approach to this whole business and look at it from a deeper, more reflective and critical perspective as well as looking at a pragmatic approach to each. We're currently drawing up a speaker/facilitator list and looking at the shape of the event. If you've any suggestions, feel free to get in touch, but we'll certainly keep you posted as the Symposium takes shape over the coming months. We aim to make it as stimulating and engaging as possible and to fully exploit the great location that Galway is in the early summer months, by being creative and developing a positive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere - and all that on a low budget commensurate with the times we're in!

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