Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Other Event of the Year 2009

Obama's inauguration today is perhaps eclipsing some other newsworthy events, and the excitement around it is hard to resist. The Times Higher has published an article on their website marking his inauguration, and speculating on future HE policy under his administration.

It is certainly intriguing that a former professor of consitutional law from one of the best universities in the US will become president today. He has also appointed former academics to posts in his administration. Although he has not said a great deal about the future of HE in the US, he has made mention of a possible scheme of tax credits for tuition fees in exchange for community service.

And Obama's presidency is a signal to many (to paraphrase someone quoted in the article) that 'social justice is back on the agenda'. That, for me, is the perhaps the best reason to be excited about the events of today.

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