Monday, February 23, 2009

Student Visa Fee Hikes

I don't want to detract from the very important post below (hope you are all signing up for the conference), but given my interest in international students I wanted to comment on this article in the Guardian.

The Vice-Chancellors of UK universities are critical of recent increases in international student visa fees, and are worried that the UK will 'lose out' in recruiting international students who will be put off by the expense and new immigration procedures. Now surely is the time for Ireland to exploit what could be a gap in the market. International students bring an enormous amount of benefits: financial, academic and cultural. Unfortunately, the visa requirements and fees leave much to be desired here (and the fee keeps increasing), but if they could be made simpler and cheaper why wouldn't students come here instead?

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Iain said...

Indeed, and in fact one wonders whether when the fees cap is lifted in England whether it would also suit Ireland to look there for potential students. The course offerings here are of high quality but the number of international students is incredibly low compared to what it could be. Certainly we need to have a more nimble approach to the visa situation, but EU students are also distinct possibilities. Cost of living is an issue thought. Toast and beans cost a lot less in the UK and elsewhere