Monday, April 27, 2009

Symposium Update

The 2009 Galway Symposium on Higher Education is drawing closer, and details are being finalised.

Just a few of the workshops that will take place over Thursday and Friday will centre around the theme of Bologna. The NAIRTL Bologna working group have kindly agreed to facilitate three discussion stimulating workshops:

Workshop 1: Knowledge Transfer – Tuning in to Generic Competencies
This will be chaired by a representative from the Knowledge Transfer SIF project in WIT. It will include two invited presentations from the Tuning Project which will give case study examples from the European context of embedding generic competencies in curricula. After the presentations the audience will be divided into groups of five and each group will be given key questions and issues to discuss. The final section will involve a sum up of the small group discussions and a large group discussion.

Workshop 2: Integrating Generic Competencies into your Curriculum
A survey regarding generic competencies is currently being compiled which will be disseminated in the coming weeks to the 38 HEI associated with the NAIRTL initiative. The survey results will be presented by the Bologna Working Group and the audience will be invited to further discuss and contribute to its analysis.

Workshop 3: Building Ireland's Smart Graduate {Stakeholder Perspectives: policy and practice}
Two representatives from industry, one student, and one policy maker will be invited to present their perspective on generic competencies. They will address questions like: What skills do graduates require? Who should prepare students for the workforce? What is the role of Higher Education? What can we do better?

To register for the Symposium, navigate to Podcasts on the event will be posted here very soon.

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