Monday, July 20, 2009

graduate (un)employment

At the weekend it was reported that the latest graduate employment statistics for England make some grim reading, despite the fact that the figures pertain to the period just before the current economic slump. Only 61% of graduates were in employment six months after graduation according to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency. Meanwhile, other papers also predict that up to 40,000 of this summer's graduates will be jobless. The graduate salary advantage that has been used so often in the past to justify fees is beginning to look somewhat tarnished.


Ferdinand von Prondzynski said...

It may be worth pointing out that when you add those in further study you get to a figure of just under 85% - so not as bad as it looks at first!

Iain said...

absolutely, but newspaper journalists know how to write a story! The point of course is in whether a drop in those in 'actual employment' of this magnitude is even statistically significant since they don't provide data over a longer time frame of the variation.