Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Humboldt and Bologna: two great European ideas?

The latest issue of the journal Higher Education Policy explores the relationship between what the editors call 'two great European ideas': Bologna and Humboldt. If you are interested in the papers, they have been made available for free online by the publishers during the month of May. Available here:

Higher Education Policy (2010) Vol. 23 Issue 2.

You will see there is a modest contribution to this volume from CELT (Frolich, Coate et al). It has been a challenge to think about the Irish context in relation to both Bologna and Humboldt. In many countries in Europe it is becoming clearer that the Bologna process is being used as a form of leverage for quite radical reforms in higher education systems. In Ireland it seems to be mainly associated with issues to do with teaching and learning rather than changes in, for example, the way universities are funded. And I'm not sure whether Irish academics on the whole would feel that Bologna is a 'great European idea', so it is fascinating to see it linked to Humboldt in this way.

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