Friday, October 06, 2006

The Challenge of Diversity: Teaching, Support & Student Learning

Our Annual International Conference on Teaching & Learning, here in Galway, took place in June this year. The keynote presentations are all accessible on the web. Mostly using Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint, so they require Internet Explorer (sorry!). The sound quality is a bit variable in places, but if you listen in mono to the most distorted it should be fine.

We were delighted with the speakers. Two participated by videoconference and we had extensive live discussions, but these links only provide access to the presentation itself. Well if you want the full benefit of the discussion and debate - then come to the conferences!
This event was funded by the Higher Education Authority and was a collaboration between NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth and DIT.

Next year's conference will be on the theme of Learning Technologies - From Pilot to Mainstream.

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