Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Humanities and Social Sciences in 21st Century Ireland

A fascinating conference is coming up on the 24th October in Dublin, organised by the IUA (Irish Universities' Association) in association with IRCHSS (Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences). There is a reception on the previous evening and if you wish to attend (fee of 75 Euros) please contact lia.osullivan@iua.ie before October 13th.

More info:

The Humanities and Social Sciences in 21st Century Ireland
- Delivering the Knowledge Society

This IUA Conference will address the challenges and opportunities facing the Humanities and Social Sciences in Ireland today. The aim of the conference is to put HSS in the spotlight, raise awareness of key issues, educate and make a connection with high level civil servants, politicians and other stakeholders.

The conference will explore the capacity of Humanities and Social Sciences to develop the thinkers with the analytical, conceptual and communication skills needed for a well-balanced society, to advance and transfer knowledge and to reflect and inform the broader debate on Ireland’s present and future.

We will debate such issues as whether HSS can respond to strategic utilitarian functional aims and purposes and retain its scholarly integrity. Also, does the HSS community have to go on the offensive to protect and develop societal values and quality of life?
More details of programme and invited speakers at http://www.iua.ie

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