Saturday, December 02, 2006

Update - first interview

Euan MacKenzie, CEO of 3MRT discussing computers & education and his new educational game, InQuizitor, which has just been released. I spoke with him at the Online Educa conference in Berlin, yesterday. Essentially, their product is a fast, addictive quiz game in which players are rewarded for correct answers (and fast responses) by being given time/credits to play a number of inbuilt games sandwiched between blocks of questions. The company also provides question banks for various topics in the Scottish (and English) school curriculum as well as a tool for creating quizzes, which gives it tremendous flexibility. Field tested amongst a range of children in schools it appears to be pretty popular, certainly in stark contrast to much other educational software. It is good fun and a local guinea pig (my son) loved it! I did too, but it is humiliating to have his score trump mine!

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