Sunday, April 08, 2007

Personal Portal

Until now my RSS aggregator of choice had been Google Reader - now, I've seen the light! If the phrase "RSS aggregator" doesn't make much sense to you, forgive me. I'm just buzzing after having taken a well-earned break from tilling the soil this weekend, to rummage around those websites that I had marked for "revisit when have the time," amongst which was It really is a very effective tool and I now use it for the 'home page' in my browser. It is an extremely effective and simple way of gathering together and organising all my favourite websites, POP3 email access, news feeds, weather forecasts, search tool, Amazon, Skype access, podcasts and other tools. The yellow sticky notepad and the "to do" list are also useful as is the map search, links to Picasaweb and the wengo tools for videoconferencing (but more of those at a later date).

In a sense it can act as a personal 'portal,' allowing quick access to all the information sources that I regularly trawl and with its 'tabs' features it is possible to categorise personal and professional data, work and fun, research and admin. It is rare that I rant about a technology on this blog, I know, but netvibes really is the bee's knees. And for a pleasant change it is a French invention, nice to see a victory for 'old Europe' from time to time.

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