Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Je suis en vacance

One of the annoying things about many blogs is the irregularity of postings. Well, I'm about to disappear offline again, this time due to my long-awaited summer holidays. As I stagger to the end of a particularly busy academic year, I've just about enough energy to crawl aboard a TGV and reach the depths of Provence. It will take me until the middle of July to recover and I'll be back online from about the 17th-20th of July.

In the meantime, you could do worse than keep an eye on articles on the CELT post-conference blog. Admittedly its all technology related, but many of the items do raise more general questions about the nature of higher education.

But don't forget to return here in the second half of July for exciting news and interesting developments! In the meantime, have a nice summer!

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