Friday, January 18, 2008

Revisiting the idea of the university

The Times Higher Education Supplement or THES, has relaunched itself over the last couple of weeks in a new magazine format which, IMHO, looks pretty good and no longer leaves newsprint ink on your fingers!

This week it publishes an article on the nature of universities with a nice, if considerably Anglocentric, synopsis of the history of the university idea. Missing, is my own particular interest: that of the concept of the "democratic intellect" and a proper discussion of what constitutes 'liberal arts', etc, but the article is interesting and a good way to start debate and discussion on these key themes which are at the heart of our Galway Symposium on June 5th/6th this year.

We're progressing the arrangements on that front and getting final confirmation from a number of keynotes but are still talking about the exact title. Difficult to come up with something appropriately catchy that hasn't already been used in books, radio programmes, etc. Ideas?

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